Old Time Dream(Mare)

Last Friday I set out to create a short video (60 seconds or less) for TentSquare.com‘s  Dream Challenge for the Fly Film Festival.

Now being a writer that leans more towards the horror aspect of literature, naturally my “dream” would be a nightmare.

I had already been playing around with time lapse videos of clouds in the days prior So when I was in the conception phase of this video, it felt only natural to capture some time lapses for this video to give it an ethereal feel.

From conception to upload, this video took 12 hours to produce. Three of those hours were spent on the time lapses. There are three individual such shots. If you notice, the clouds above the barn in the video are moving super fast. That was an hour’s worth of time lapse footage. Using that as a base layer, I added all the various shots of me doing odd things on top of that. The bulk of the time was spent on editing the video and constructing the soundscape that would accompany it. No matter what you film, the editing stage either makes it or breaks it….

In the end I was happy with what I could offer to this challenge. It has that “old” feeling to it, which is right up my alley, and I hope you are entertained by it… or at least get the creeps from it…


If you enjoyed it, do consider going to the video on TentSquare.com  to comment on it, and click the thumbs up and that lil heart… it will help my chances of winning this.

You can watch the embedded video below or click this link to view it.





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