Confluence of the Missouri-Mississippi Rivers

On June 3rd (2016) my wife and I ventured to St. Louis to visit our good friends. There will be a much larger and more detailed post about our trip in the coming days. However I could not wait to post this photo. This is a panoramic shot of the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers from the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area.

Some info about the area:

This area contains cropland, forest, wetlands, and old fields. There is a visitor center and office along with hiking and biking trails, interpretive sites and a boat ramp to the Missouri River. The unique feature of this area is the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, which can be seen from a viewing deck.


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The photo is a composite of three separate photos… Please feel free to click and enlarge it so you may zoom in and get a better view. Trust me… you wanna click to enlarge it and zoom in. It’s quite the view. For example can you find that barge/tug boat being loaded with sand?



-Colonel Eric Jude

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