My Thoughts on the Breathitt Wet Vote:




So the big happening thing in my home county of Breathitt is this whole Wet/Dry vote, concerning the sales of alcoholic beverages. An issue that most civilized places had long settled decades ago. Yet here we are in Breathitt County, Kentucky… Arguing, debating, and preparing to vote on July 12th 2016 to determine if our money can be spent in this county to buy alcohol.


So this is my open letter to Breathitt County:


One of the points made by a Pro-Dry protester was this:


“I vote to keep it Dry. We have too many drugs in Breathitt County as it is. I do not want alcohol to get in the county.”


Yup. That’s correct. That person did not want alcohol to make its way into Breathitt County.



Every county surrounding us is WET. If you want to purchase alcoholic beverages, the nearest licensed legal “Liquor” store is just 9.1 miles from Jackson, Kentucky (the county seat of Breathitt). If you want to hit up a shiner or bootlegger, then you don’t even have to go that far.


If you want the freshest alcohol in the market today and want to buy it legally, you can jump in this thing called an automobile…


See, back in the 1900’s this fine upstanding gentleman by the name of Henry Ford invented this new fangled horseless carriage called a Model-T Ford…


And on October 1st, 1908, the first production Model T Ford was completed at the company’s Piquette Avenue plant in Detroit.


Why, this new invention took away the need to stop and rest your horses. It ran on gasoline, which meant you could drive great distances in a matter of hours instead of days. Well, things have improved since then… These days you can jump in a automobile that is air conditioned, has heated seats and cruise control, and drive the interstate to a little place called Clermont, Kentucky to buy as much alcohol as your wallet can afford, strait from the barrel it was aged in. Heck, you can even buy the barrel! You can be back home before breakfast, too! From Jackson, it is 172 miles or 2.4 hours driving an average of 70 mph to get there.


BTW, if you haven’t been to the Jim Beam Distillery, I recommend you take a tour there… Nice place. Here is an article I wrote on it:



Jim Beam not your thing? Well, check out one of the other distilleries that make 95% of the world’s Bourbon… Bourbon not your thing? Well, Kentucky makes at least 21% of the world’s supply of all alcoholic beverages.


Don’t like any of that? Take yourself to Lynchburg, Tennessee and pick up as much Jack Daniels as you want, and you can be back home in Breathitt by lunch… But if you’re drinking Jack Daniels, then you are no self respecting Kentuckian, you suck and I’d prefer if you’d just move to Tennessee and never come back.


You don’t want alcohol to make its way into Breathitt? Too bad. It’s here. It’s here in great supply, too. You can buy it by the crate from your local neighborhood bootlegger. You don’t even have to leave the county. And if you don’t want to leave your home, for a fee, you can arrange a delivery.


The true nature of this vote isn’t to keep alcohol out of peoples hands. It is to determine WHO gets our hard earned money. People ARE buying alcohol. Should other counties benefit from those sales? Or should our own county benefit? Going wet WILL create jobs. Even if it only creates ten new jobs, that is ten jobs we did not have before. That stimulates our local economy… And I don’t know if you have looked around recently, but with all the coal jobs being butchered and stores closing down and what not, we could use as many new jobs as possible.


Alcohol is legal. Yeah, there was this silly little thing called the Volstead Act/Prohibition that went into effect in 1920 that banned alcohol… But that was done away with via the 18th Amendment 1933 simply because it gave birth to Organized Crime (mobsters, boot leggers) and created a crime epidemic monster. Banning alcohol did not work, it created more problems than it helped. Sound familiar?



2nd Point:


“It is against my religion to drink. Therefore, I am voting Dry.”


Good for you. However, I live in a free nation that doesn’t allow your interpretation of religious theologies to determine the course of government legislation. The First Amendment ensures that.


I am a Christian, so I’m NOT for one moment mocking anyone’s faith… But what you interpret one thing to mean has no place telling me or others what we can or cannot do.


What does the Bible say about alcohol? Strait from the good book:


1 Timothy 5:23:
“Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.”


Also, here is a really nice article on alcohol consumption and the bible:



3rd Point:


“Alcohol makes people mean, I don’t want people getting mean so I am voting Dry.”


No. No it does not. It takes away peoples “ambitions”, and it removes their “shield”. If you are a “Mean Drunk”, then you are just a mean person at heart… The alcohol did not make you mean. If you get drunk and beat your wife, you are a prick. Sober or drunk, you are a prick. The alcohol did not make you do it. You wanted to do it, the alcohol just made you more liberal in doing such, so you have something to blame instead of your own prick self.


I’m an author, so I’ve had many drinks; it’s part of the job description… And sometimes I have many all in the same night. But no matter how many drinks I have had, I never wanted to beat anyone. Never. Quit blaming alcohol for the reason you are an prick… Prick.



4th Point:


If all these Pro-Dry protesters actually cared for our county they would have been out combating the METH EPIDEMIC that has plagued this county for too long. Where are you Pro-Dry folks? Hmmmmmm? Meth is ILLEGAL and yet you do nothing about it.



Here is a sad article:


Study Finds Dry Counties Have Higher Meth Use Rates



So I beseech you… I beg you Pro-Dry folks to spend at least half the energy you have during this wet/dry vote towards combating Meth. Or maybe you want the Meth to stay?


I’ll just throw this argument point in on this:


“They will take money away from their kids to buy alcohol”


Looks like they are already doing that with METH, and in the process, blowing up their home, catching your home on fire, and increasing the risk that they will burn their kids alive. But that alcohol is horrible? Give me a break…


Oh… and if you are going to vote dry… QUIT BUYING FROM BOOTLEGGERS YOU HYPOCRITE.




5th Point:


Look, the sale of Alcoholic beverages isn’t going to make everything better instantly. It is a stepping stone for us to improve. Once we go “wet” we can have our local government lobby to bring in jobs, businesses, industry… We can tap into our honey pot location and get tourists from around the world to visit us. Heck, we are a stone’s throw from Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge, both of which are world renowned… Why are we not taking advantage of that? Our economy is 4th worst in the ENTIRE U.S.! We MUST do something. Alcohol sales are a step in the right direction in order for us to survive. If things don’t change, we will not have a home.


Don’t believe me? Read this article:




Things ARE bad here. If you’d traveled about and seen other places you would know this. Yet somehow we haven’t gotten together and had the discussion of how we can make our home better. All those places we flock to on our vacations are no different than here. We can have nice things too… We just gotta put some effort into it. We need to be proactive about our local economy!


Do you not want nice things? Do you enjoying living in one of the worst economies in the nation?


I don’t. Let’s do everything we can to improve this county and leave something nice to the future generations. The wet vote is a start. Let’s start already!




I’ve heard this counter point to the above:


“I am voting “Dry” because I am afraid for the future of our kids.”


How many of you have a Facebook for the sole purpose of keeping in touch with your kids and grandkids? I’ve heard the same thing from many, many people. They only have Facebook because their kids moved far, far away, and Facebook is the only way they can see their grandkids… So sad.


Well, why did your kids move off?


Most of the folks I went to school with are long gone from here. They had to leave because there was nothing to stay and work for. Those expensive college degrees could be put to no use here. So they had to leave in order to make a living. They ended up moving into wet counties with economies… Oh my… Oh my… Your argument is invalid.


Let’s keep our residents home. Let’s give them opportunities.



In closing:


At the repel of the Prohibition, the president at the time said:


“What America needs now is a drink.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933.


Well, I’m gonna borrow his words…


“What Breathitt County needs now is a drink.” -Colonel D. R. Acula



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  1. Betty Jo Morgan // July 7, 2016 at 4:03 pm // Reply

    Well written! And absolutely the truth!

  2. Love it great job I’m voting wet

  3. Wish those opposing the county going wet would take time to consider how they are robbing Breathitt county of an opportunity to change for the better. These are desolate times.

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